IKEA Vathorst Amersfoort


Vathorst is a Vinex location of the city of Amersfoort in the Dutch province of Utrecht. The district is located north of Amersfoort on the territory of the former municipality of Hoogland. The territory of the municipality of Amersfoort has also been expanded for the district at the expense of Nijkerk and the former municipality of Hoevelaken. The district surrounds the entire area around the village of Hooglanderveen. Vathorst is named after the Vathorst farm, where the meaning of “barrel” is unknown and “-horst” refers to a wooded cover sand mound. This farm is located at Heideweg 85 and is the first farm on Heideweg for those who go to Hooglanderveen from Vathorst. Many large companies are also located in Vathorst, such as IKEA, Kees Smit, Prenatal, Loods 5 and Yokogawa.


22 april 2016